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When I started this blog nine months ago I decided not to write in English. Not because I don't like writing in English (teaching English, as you know...), but because I like writing in my mother tongue a lot better. It feels more comfortable and I can be more creative composing texts in Dutch. However, I like to make an exception for the beautiful Chloë. This British girl wanted to strike a pose (better: several poses) in front of my camera. And not only has she got the looks of a model, she's got the skills as well.

I am not keen on studio photography, nor do I like the use of extra light boxes or flashes. Ofcourse, sometimes it's inevitable to use them, but in my opinion they tend to destroy the background and spontaneity, that give a picture its character. But perhaps Chloë made me change my mind. And I can only approve of that.

We took pictures inside and outside, where it was cold, dark and wet, but she kept going and gave me the best of herself. Her strong glance really makes the picture and contributes to a certain vibe. She made me one very grateful photographer.

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